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I hope that my Night View NV review is helpful because the Night View glasses have really improved my driving skills and vision at night.

I used to have a lot of trouble seeing clearly at night and I thought that I needed a prescription to use at night. I found out though that I just needed vision enhancement to see clearer at night. I thought that I just had bad vision at night. But my optometrist told me that it was glare from headlights and streetlights that was the reason that I couldn’t see as well at night. I was so surprised that it was such a simple thing that was preventing me from having clear vision at night.

My optometrist wanted to give me glasses that were going to cost over $200, which I personally thought was a lot for a pair of yellow tinted glasses to wear at night. But the yellow lenses are specially coated and that was the solution to reduce the glare from lights all around. I knew that I wanted that to try the specially coated lenses because I wanted anything to try and help my eyes to see better at night.

So, I went online and did some research about where I could find specially coated lenses that would block out the glare that was the real cause of my unclear night vision.

I found the Night View glasses and they were the perfect the solution. They were in my price range and they were the same specially coated lenses that my optometrist prescribed. I was so glad to find an alternative to the expensive prescription glasses.

A lot of people ask me what it’s like to wear the Night View glasses. I love to answer questions about Night View glasses because of how they help me see better.

Before I put on my Night View glasses the only thing that I can really see on the road at night are headlights (not the entire car), streetlights and faint shadows of things that are on the side of the road. I felt really unsafe because I couldn’t see anything else. Everything looked like a blur. Squinting helped to see things more clearly, but I didn’t want to have to squint the whole time that I was driving at night.

Once I put on my Night View glasses it seems like the world lights up. The glare from headlights and street lights disappear. I can see cars and even read the license plates at night when I wear my Night View glasses. It is amazing how they brighten up the roads and make my vision clear. I don’t have to squint while wearing the Night View glasses either. The Night View glasses take the strain off my eyes and make driving at night a lot easier.

The yellow lenses work the same way that sunglasses do. Sunglasses are darker because to block out glare during the day. The specially coated yellow lenses block out the glare at night.

I recommend the Night View glasses to literally everyone because they can make everyone safer drivers at night and to improve night time vision.

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